Friday, October 9, 2009

Hey, i'm Sasha.. ツ

My name is Sasha, I live in southwestern Virginia. This "blog" is basically my website. lol I won't be adding entries. Though, I will probably be adding to it in the near future.

A little about me.. I'm 5'4 1/2", blue eyes, reddish hair dark blonde/light brown hair and am working on losing a lot of weight. I've lost 50 pounds, and have 100 more to go - sounds so impossible, when I hear myself say it. But, it's possible, and it's happening. :) My high weight was 26/28...which was a 4X. Now, i'm wearing a 2X in most clothes. My goal is to get back down to a size 12/14. Still curvy. :)

I love being outdoors. Camping, swimming, hiking, bonfire parties. I also enjoy gardening (I ❤ my roses!), cooking, decorating, crafts, writing, photography, spending time with friends and family. I do like to go out with friends for drinks or coffee, or out to eat, karaoke, clubs, concerts, . I like shopping, road trips, the beach, movies, seeing plays..

I'm a non smoker, I drink socially. Never been married, no kids. Someday I do plan to have kids, but I just haven't gotten to that point in my life yet. I want to be sure about things in my life, and have some things straightened out. I've always wanted a BIG family, but I would maybe settle for a couple kids of my own, and maybe adopt and/or become a foster parent, one day.

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This is my main blog. I usually update it pretty often.
It's just my online journal, basically..
It may bore you. You are welcome to read it. :)

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This is just random thoughts - that's really all it is. lol

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...Ok, that was the condensed version. Now, for to make a short story long! lmao

My name is Sasha. I live in a very small, rural town in the mountains of southwestern Virginia, and I love it here. It's beautiful here. I used to *love* visiting my Grandma in Richlands, the few times I had the opportunity, as a child. I grew up across the country from my Grandma....well, from most of my family, actually.

I was born in Raleigh, North Carolina. Before I turned 2, we had moved to Utah. By 3, I had already lived in Georgia and New York. lol By 4, I was living in Waynesboro, Pennsylvannia. And then, when I was 5, we moved to Casper Wyoming. It was October 1985. Wyoming was home to me, up until I moved to Virginia, in late July 2003. Well, with an exception to about a year....or a little less....when we moved to Martinsburg, West Virginia. That was in '90-'91. Yeah, Casper would be what i'd consider my "hometown", I suppose. There are good memories, then there are the bad. But most of all, I miss my house. lol The house I grew up in.... I really miss it. But then, am I really missing that old house, or is it the memories that I miss? Hmmm.... I don't know, but if I ever stumble into wealth, I will buy that house back. Not to live in! lol To vacation in, perhaps, and reminisce. No.. I couldn't imagine living in Wyoming again. I miss some friends from back home, and of course, I do often miss all the perks of living in a small city.. A population of 50,000+ as opposed to 2407 in the tiny town I live in.. lol But.. I will take the beautiful mountains of Virginia, anyday.

I live in Swords Creek, Virginia. It's a very small community, just outside Richlands - which is also rather small, really. lol I live closer to Raven/Richlands, than Swords Creek.. I live just over the county line. So.. I pretty much consider where I live to be "Richlands". It's takes considerably longer to actually get to "Swords Creek", than it does to Raven. lol I am currently planning to get an apartment in either Washington or Smyth county. It's still my dream to live in the country, and have a little mini farm... :) But, that dream is on hold for now. The plan, for now, is to get my life on track and back in college. This will be easier after I find an apartment. lol Another reason I need to get out of here, there is a mold problem, and I am apparently VERY intolerant to mold. =/

I am a college student - well, i'm a soon to be student. Getting back into classes in the VERY near future.  I am a Psychology major. My plan.. My goal.. And my dream.. Is to become a Clinical Psychologist, and one day open my own practice. One day. ツ

I'm an animal lover.. I do a bit of animal rescue, when I can. So, if you are local, and looking to adopt a cat or dog, or other pet possibly, feel free to get in contact. I am always helping people find loving forever homes for their pets, so chances are, I can get you in contact with the right person. *Edit: I am not doing the rescue work as much as I once did, due to some changes (planning to move, get back into college, etc). I can not take in large pets (ie; dogs and cats) to re-home, at this time. I will *always* be here to help people re-home their pets, from their own homes, however. Anything I can do to help, other than fostering.

I am short.. 5'4.5"......which feel weird typing that. I was 5'3", up until the past year or two. How an adult can grow an inch and 1/2 is beyond me, but it happened! lol I have blue eyes. They are kinda different, though. They are blue, with a dark blue circle around the outside, and a strange gold/green circle on the inside, around the pupil. Weird, huh? I have long reddish dark blonde/light brown hair. It's naturally wavy/curly, which I often wish was naturally straight. lol Lucky, lucky people with naturally straight hair.... lol I'm very light complected. Even when I tan. Typical "Redhead" coloring. Freckles. I freckle. A little bit on my face.. But a lot of my arms. lol I'm "plus size". I have lost 50 pounds over the Summer, and have a long way to go, but I will get there! =) I talk a lot about my goals and everything, on SparkPeople and on my Weight Loss blog. is awesome, anyone trying to lose weight or get more fit really needs to check it out. And Myspace.. I started that particular Myspace to use as my "weight loss journal". But, it ended up being my regular Myspace, and I pretty much abandoned my old one. lol

Let's see.. What else.. I was the youngest child, and the only girl. lol I have two older brothers. They were 14 and 18 by the time I came along, so it was almost like being an only child, in a lot of ways. My Mom was a dedicated housewife, and my Dad worked in Safety Management. Over the years, he was employed with OSHA, DOE, among others. In 1993, he was diagnosed with lung cancer. He opted for early retirement, and opened his own Consulting business. His cancer had went into remission, but in '95, it was back, and it was terminal. We lost him February 1, 1996. (*Update: I lost my oldest brother, Gary, in 2010. It was very unexpected, and still doesn't really feel "real" to me. Feels like a nightmare that i'm just waiting to wake up from. RIP Gary Lee Pelton, Jr., 12/6/61-1/13/10)

Losing my Dad was hard. It's still hard. I lost him about one month before my 16th birthday. I didn't deal with it well at all. He and I were close, I loved him so much, but we did fight a lot. He was a good person, but not always the easiest person to get along with. I wish so much, that I could have gotten to know him as an adult. I think we could have been a lot closer, and gotten along so much better, if he were around now. I definitely was not the easiest person to get along with back then, either. I was a difficult child.. I admit it. lol *sigh*

I'm thankful to have my Mom in my life. She has been having some health issues, the past few years, but is doing well at the moment. She has COPD, Asthma, and she was diagnosed with Addison's Disease a few years back. But then, at the beginning of July, we were told that it appears that she has a brain tumor. Long story, see my myspace blog for details, if you'd like, but skipping ahead, making it as brief as possible... She needs an MRI, but refuses one. She feels the spot seen with the CT scan was an error, and refuses to look into it more. *sigh* Anyway, *if* it is a tumor, it may be actually causing the Addison's symptoms. So, I don't know. Anyway, I just hope for the best, I love her so much, and it's hard to think about all enough on this topic for now.

I will end this now, but there will be more.. I will add more to think section, as well as adding additional posts. I'll add a little here, a little there, when i'm bored/have time. I will also have a "photo blog", coming soon! (love taking pics, almost always have that camera w/me! lol)I have an older one, I will probably link to it sometime later. This one will be more organized. Maybe. lol

Some of my blogs. I love to write... ツ But, these blogs are my personal journals, basically.
You are welcome to read them - but it will probably bore ya senseless. ❤